Arch Book: Isaac Blesses Jacob and Esau


This week’s giveaway is one of my books, Isaac Blesses Jacob and Esau. This book is written for 5-9 year olds. It’s also good to read aloud to younger children, but I’m sure babies would make confetti of it pretty quickly. It’s not drool-proof.


What it’s about

Based on selected passages from Genesis 25, 27, 32, and 33, this rhyming Bible story book retells the story of when Jacob and Esau sought the blessing of their ailing father, Isaac. The blind father was tricked into giving the traditional family blessing to his younger son instead of the elder. This caused rage and a great family divide. In the end, though, the two brothers did come back together, and God was able to bless them each in unique ways.


The writing side

This was the first rhyming Bible story I wrote and was on a bit of a tight deadline for a newbie. I was really grateful for the help my critique group and former college professor gave me. They helped me with the rhyme and rhythm (which still isn’t perfect) and the ending. I enjoyed working on it, and I think my poetry has improved greatly after this project!


Some ideas for how to use this book in your classroom or home school:

  • Religion/Christianity: Make a personal connection. When a teacher shares her faith, it is a great example for students. Be sure to occasionally tell students when you sinned like the Bible person, and how God forgave you (as an example.) If you do it too often, it might seem self-centered. But, don’t neglect to share something about yourself. In this story, you may relate your story to any of the Bible people.
  • Make stew! It sounds like Jacob way quite a cook. He makes a meal for his father which includes something like stew or soup. Esau goes hunting for food. Maybe you could make something with venison.
  • Writing/Drama: Explain how script writing is different than regular writing. Have students “translate” the book into a script. It could be for TV, live performance, puppets. etc. Then, let them act it out. You could use much of the book, but they may want or need to add some things to make it flow better for acting.
  • Handwriting: Have the students choose a page or a sentence and copy it onto a clean piece of paper in their best handwriting. Each student could do a different page and illustrate it. Then, you could post them on a wall, to be read as a complete book.

How to win the book:

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