Lent has started, so we are going to make this a quick giveaway. You have until noon (central time) on Friday, March 6 to register to win this booklet of devotions and mobile.


How do I win?

In order to win, you must have a US mailing address. You also must sign up for my mailing list. It’s pretty harmless, since I don’t send out lots of emails or newsletters. You will get occasional updates, which I hope to put out on a monthly basis eventually (but not yet.) It’s really not painful. Plus, you can always unsubscribe (after the drawing.)


What’s the Book Like?

On this page,  you can see the book close up and get a sneak peek at the mobile (shown underneath.) Each Lent devotion is short and readable by most elementary students. I wrote each one around the theme of gardening, so you adult weed-pullers might like it, too. In fact, I encourage families to read it together.

Click here for a sample.  You can actually read some of the devotions. I try to write simply enough for young readers but not in a condescending, shallow way.


Who Might Like it?

I recommend it for families with elementary-aged kids. Boys and girls alike could read it and benefit from it. I think second grade through fifth grade would feel like it’s written for them. The short devotions and prayers are perfect for quick, Lent devotions. Further biblical readings are shared with each devotion, so they can dig deeper, too.


How do I Sign up?

If you’re on my blog right now, look in the upper left corner for these words: To get occasional news from me, enter your email address. That’s the right box! I will check MailChimp to see who signed up by Friday. That’s my list for this giveaway. If you’re already signed up, I’ll include you, too!

(You can also subscribe to the blog – lower left side, but that will not enter you in this giveaway. And, it will send you an email every time I post to this blog, which is nice for those who don’t want to keep coming back to the website.)


Any questions? Let me know. 


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