The Market Guide for Young Writers: Where and How to Sell What You Write

I have a few sources for young writers. I will highlight each of them. And, I would love to get more titles. So, feel free to send them to me.

Market Guides for Writers

Professional and pre-published writers are aware of all the market guides. There are some targeting children’s writers, agents, and a nice thick one that covers pretty much everything. I encourage students who are serious about being published to get one of those guides, but they can be overwhelming. I had hoped The Market Guide for Young Writers would keep being updated. However, I don’t see that happening.

The Market Guide for Young Writers – 5th Edition by Kathy Henderson

Today’s recommendation is with a bit of reserve. My concern is that this guide is now outdated. Quite outdated, in fact. So, if you or your young writer does get this guide, be sure to look up any publications online to find up-to-date listings. I recommend that for any guide. As soon as they are published, a bunch of the information is already old. Editors change jobs, publications close their doors. It’s the nature of the business.

Well, what exactly am I recommending? I’m recommending that if you see this book in a thrift store or you like to snatch the penny deals on Amazon (I do!) get the book! The market listings are not the part I like to focus on. There are over 300 pages of information. From how to format a manuscript, to marketing, to the basics of writing, this book covers a lot of territory. Sure, things are outdated. But, if you’re looking for writing resources for young people that aren’t in an English textbook, this is not a bad buy. Since it’s been out there for so long, you can certainly buy it cheap. Add it to the resource shelf at your school or in your home. It is a great basic book that eager young writers will love to have. I love to hand it out and tell them to cherry pick the information. They don’t need to read every word, just “the good stuff.”

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Question: Which online or print markets do you recommend to young writers?


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