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I hope this blog and website inspire you to live a life full of faith.

I am a Lutheran Christian, so you can expect that I will post from that perspective, but I hope to provide resources that reach a much more diverse group than just conservative Lutherans. I want to reach out to parochial school teachers, parents, families who home school, students who want to write more, and even more.

My primary goal is to help Christian teachers and families connect the dots between faith and life. When you live a faith-filled life, it doesn’t mean you’re perfect or recite Bible verses 24/7. What does it mean? That’s what I want to explore with you. How do we break down the walls between a spiritual life and “real life”? I’ll help you figure out. We may not always agree, but I hope to give you some things to chew on and some lightbulb moments.

How I Will Provide Resources

This is just a start, but right now I see these resources coming to you in a variety of ways:

  • Recommendations about books that are not offensive to Christians. I will give you a quick review and then ideas on how to use that book in other curriculum areas. (I know teachers and parents don’t have time to do this. I’d love to help you vet your reading material.) I will not post negative reviews about other books. 
  • Reflection and devotion-like posts. I write devotions and read quite a bit. I plan to share things that I think will help others on their faith-filled journey.
  • Articles on the website. I have some hidden pages that I will publish after I’ve loaded them with some helpful content.
  • Recommendations of products, services, online resources. As I see things that I think would be great for you and your family, I may post them here. Some will be temporarily free on Kindle (I like to grab those myself!) Others may be linked to affiliates (meaning that I may profit from you purchasing them.) I will never post a recommendation for something simply because I would get a kickback from it. Never. Also, I will always let you know if I received a product to review or if I will profit from it.
  • Letting you know about my publications. I have some things published and more on the way. I will let you know about them when it makes sense to do so. I won’t promote myself endlessly. If it ever seems like I’m stuck on my own products, please let me know. I want this to be a valuable resource, not simply a promotional tool.
  • Answers to your questions. I hope to respond to comments and use some of them to explore new resources. Your comments and questions will help this blog and site develop into something truly useful.

I’m a Teacher and a Parent

I am not in a full-time classroom any more, and my kids are teens. It won’t be long until they’re out of the house. But, I remember exactly what it’s like trying to live life and be everything to everyone. You just can’t do it all. One of the things I did love doing (and still do on occasion) is connecting people with resources. I have kids say they don’t know what to read next. I jump at the opportunity. I ask a few questions, jump on the computer, and BANG! I’ve got a list of books for them to take to the library. I love it! I’ve had a number of adults also ask me about which books would be best for their ladies’ group or what should they use to teach their child about the birds and the bees. I love to help make those kinds of recommendations and connections!


A Question for you: Which websites do you use to get your recommendations for good resources?

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Miranda Paul · April 2, 2013 at 8:54 am

Great blog, Stephenie! It looks very professional, yet friendly. I hope you enjoy this new venture and that you are able to make connections for parents and teachers.

    Stephenie · April 2, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Thanks, Miranda. I just realized I have the comments on moderate mode. I may turn that off and see how things go.

      Stephenie · April 2, 2013 at 2:16 pm

      Okay. Two changes. I added your (Miranda) name to the photo caption. Thought I had it on there before, but didn’t. And, now that you’ve been approved once, I won’t need to approve your future comments (should you choose to comment again.) This is kind of fun. And, I’ll stop commenting on your one comment (maybe.)

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