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Some people love the idea of memorizing Bible verses, while others cringe and say it’s just mindless learning. While I don’t doubt that memorizing can go in one brain cell and out the other, there is great value to memorizing scripture. .

Why Memorize?

Not to be too much of a Bible thumper, but it is recommended in the Bible itself. And, usually, if God tells us to so something, we should do it! But, if that’s not enough for you, consider some of the benefits:

  • It sticks with you. If you choose a verse that’s easy enough for you to memorize and that can be repeated throughout the day, it will stay with you. You may be surprised how applicable God’s Word is to today’s world when the exact words pop into your head at just the right moment.
  • Some day, you may not have access to the Bible. What happens when you lose your sight, your hearing, or even your Bible? Does that mean you lose all connection to God’s Word? Not if you have stored some verses in your memory (and even if that’s going, too, it will hang on to some Scripture.) Read about Corrie ten Boom’s life to witness the power of memorized Scripture while in captivity.
  • You can comfort others. Some people may only use Bible verses for trivia games or to condemn others. Don’t let that influence your motives. There are so many comforting Bible passages. Wouldn’t it be nice to share them with others in nursing homes, hospitals, funeral homes, and the like? You can bring God’s comfort directly to others.
  • Keep your perspective. When we see tragedies and injustices throughout the world, when we get stressed out by our own circumstances, when life seems unbearable – – God’s Word can remind us of an eternal perspective. My first response when I heard about the Boston marathon bombings was to watch the news channel on TV, not to open my Bible. But, a little later, Bible references did start coming into my mind. It helped me keep a healthier perspective on the situation.
  • It helps you see God in your daily life. God breaks into our lives all the time. We can see His hand in our lives even better if we store parts of the Bible in our minds. When you have one of those Aha! moments, you can say to yourself, “What does the Bible say about this?” If you haven’t memorized any verses, you will have to find a copy of the Bible. If you already have stored some Scripture in your mental filing cabinet, you may be able to come up with just the right verse to help you make that connection between your daily life and God’s will.


Question: What are other benefits of memorizing scripture?


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