Extreme Eeyore
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Whether it’s on a small scale, or in a years-long event, sometimes we just need to struggle in order to learn.

Morning Frustration

This morning I was frustrated yet again with a computer problem. It seemed like something was wrong with the product I was trying to use. I had used it successfully before, but after I restarted my computer, it just wouldn’t work the same. I tried a couple of things, but it still wouldn’t work. I waited a day, but nothing. I tried to send a message through the product’s automatic system – nothing. Then, I finally tweeted the company, because they like to communicate through Twitter. And, they’re always quick to respond. Except for this morning!

The World is Against Me

I felt like “the world was against me.” I know, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but sometimes don’t you feel that way? No matter what you do, you feel like the world is conspiring against you, ensuring you have a horrible day (or horrible year or life.) I have a few friends like this. They don’t realize it, but they complain about everything. Or sigh about everything. They are the human versions of Eeyore.


I used to be an Eeyore. And, I’m sure I sink into that mode now and then, but I try to look at things differently now. Instead of seeing the world trying to beat me down, I see it as an opportunity to learn.

Struggle = Learning

When I finally thought about that computer problem a little differently this morning, I figured it out! It was like magic. All of the sudden, my problem was solved. Life was good! And, I got a tweet from the company apologizing for not replying earlier. It’s a good thing they didn’t. Because then, I wouldn’t have learned what to do on my own. I would have been dependent on someone else. I got a little confidence boost this morning. I also got a reminder that sometimes I need to struggle. It’s okay. That’s a better way to learn (most of the time.)


Question: Do you have a different way of looking at or interpreting struggles?


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