Dr. House

Sometimes you need to stop and take care of yourself.

I try to be as healthy as I can be, but my body got the best of me before Christmas. I’ve been taking a break from writing and blogging to care for myself. I had a few ER visits, a couple surgeries, and many tests. I won’t bore (or nauseate) you with the details.


Back to “normal”

I’m feeling much better now (thanks for asking.) I still have some lingering issues. With my complications (which the doctors have assured me are not common. Umm. Thanks?) I have almost wished that Dr. House would show up and figure everything out. But, between his horrible bedside manner and the tests he runs, I think I’d rather be a medical mystery right now.

Back to writing

I am, in fact, writing almost daily again. I have a devotion booklet under contract (due soon!) And, I have a few other things percolating as well. 2015 is looking good, even if it was a bit of a rocky start.



Have you had to stop and take care of yourself? How did you handle it? 


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