Camping Tent In Woods

Every spring, I get spring fever. The last several years it has been compounded by the camping itch. I feel almost sick about my desire to enjoy nature through camping. What could make me feel so uncomfortably good about the upcoming camping season? Let me tell you.

[tweetthis]Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime. Martin Luther [/tweetthis]


I like nature. Where others would rather sleep in a hotel room, I’d like to be in touch with the outdoors. Now, I have softened over the years. We went from a tent to a pop up. And, now we’re eyeing up an A-frame camper like this:

Rockwood pop up A frame camper

You should watch a video about setting this baby up. It’s so cool! (That camping itch is really getting to me!)

I love seeing the sun filter through the trees in the morning, finding the shade in the heat of the day, and hearing all the wildlife at night. (I do not love the mosquitoes.) Being outside for a good chunk of the day is very rewarding. It’s especially refreshing for those of us who live in town. Almost every time I’ve opened my door the past few days, I have heard sirens. When I’m camping, almost every time I open my door, I hear birds. What a difference!



Very closely related to the nature topic, there’s just something about breathing in fresh air that feels right. And, then there’s that polluted air that I love, too: campfire! Oh, the smell of a campfire stirs me. I love that smell.



While I’m not a huge fan of cooking at home, there’s something about a campfire that brings out my inner chuck wagon cook. I try not to burn things (sometimes successfully) as I balance the cast iron dutch oven over the hot coals.

And, there’s something about starting a fire that’s fun, too. Last year, my husband bought me a little magnesium fire starter kit like this: 

With cramping fingers and a bloody knuckle and muddy knees, I managed to get it started. After that, I used much easier, modern fire starting supplies.



Napping feels good to me most of the time, but there is something about napping while hearing a fire crackle or birds chirping that makes me feel content. When my girls were little, we would have a nap time with me reading to them. Even today, when I do take that camping nap, I often fall asleep with a book nearby.



I think some people get more stressed when camping. All the setting up, dealing with mosquitoes, and backing up campers gets to them. But, most of the time, my family has found it to be almost completely free from stress. And, I can’t duplicate that at home. When my family gets away, even just 20 minutes from our house, we feel free of stress and worries. That is priceless!



Martin Luther said it well:

Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.

I am surrounded by God’s glory and beauty. I revel in His Creation. Camping helps me stay in touch with God in a different way than my typical routine. I breathe in the fresh air and appreciate Him even more.


What do you like best about camping?

photo credit: MyStockPhoto, Forest River


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