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I have been the busy teacher for years. When I’m teaching full-time, I use my time very judiciously. So, I understand why teachers don’t read blogs. In the post, I hope to give some support and solutions to for three of the top arguments teachers have for not reading blog posts.


Who Wants to Read All Those Words?

Of course, this is my number one reason for not reading some blogs. If I had the leisurely time to read lots of literary, wordy blogs, I would. Okay, I might. Truthfully, even when I have the time, they’re not really my cup of tea. I am practical, like most teachers. When we have little time, we want fewer words. When you’re a language arts teacher and have to great essays and papers, you don’t always appreciate more words – even when they’re good.

The solution: Find practical blogs that are targeted to exactly what you need. There is are plenty of good, targeted classroom blogs out there. I don’t want you to miss out on them! The blogs with pictures and bullet points usually are the most helpful for my classroom needs.


They Get Too Personal

Again, let’s hear it for practicality. Most teachers are looking for lesson plans, book reviews, and art ideas. With all the drama in their classrooms, they really don’t want to read someone else’s diary. It’s just weird!

The solution: Bloggers do want to connect with you in some sort of personal way, but some cross the line. If that happens, you have two options. Email the blogger and let them know how you feel. They will change, or they may not. If not, then go to plan B: unsubscribe. This is the easiest option anyway, so many people go for it as plan A. You don’t have to engage them in conversation. Just stop following.


It Takes Too Much Time. I’m Already Overloaded.

Drum roll! This is the number one reason teachers I know don’t read blogs. Who has the time?

The solution: I don’t want my teacher friends to miss out on some great blogs – blogs that would save them time and reduce their teaching load. After you find one or two, make sure you subscribe to them via email or add them to your online reader. I love Feedly. http://feedly.com  I can catagorize the blogs I read and then skim them. I bookmark the ones I want to read later.

One friend commented that if she spent less time on Facebook, she would have time for more blogs. Bingo! If you know you have a “time suck” that isn’t healthy, then set a timer and get away from it. Find a blog or two to take its place.


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I’d love to hear about some of your favorite blogs for teachers. Please leave a link here, so we can share with one another. 



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