It’s a good thing I’m trained storm spotter who loves a strong thunderstorm. When I took a “short” leave of absence from this blog, I thought I’d be back in a couple of months, after all the drama of our family died down. Oh, it was all good stuff, a mission trip to Guatemala, a daughter getting married, moving to a new ministry. All terrific things! But, last summer was so stressful for this introvert! And, I assumed life would get less stressful and ease into a mellow routine of working and discovering our new place.

Ha! Oh boy, was I wrong! The stress continued as we tried to buy a house and the church’s school had a teacher quit (and aren’t I just the perfect candidate!) Oh, dear.

Moving On

I’m not here to bore you with all my stress and high expectations. I’m here to move on–and keep moving on. This summer is better, and this year will be stressful. That’s my life (I really should just accept that.) I will be checking in on this blog once in a while to keep people updated and to be a resource (that’s my main passion.)


Some of my personal goals: survive another year of teaching full-time, do more speaking and producing content for teachers and children, and get an agent.

I look forward to blogging more. I have learned a lot and would love to share it with you. I also hope that you would share resources and your experiences with me.

Stephenie Hovland


School is coming soon! Are you ready?





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