After years of editing and proofreading for my church and school, I decided to take the plunge and learn to be a professional editor. I have edited my own writing for many years, but there is something much more intense about working with someone else’s words.

I strive for two things:

  • To help the author communicate as clearly as possible (so the reader will understand the writing in the way the author intends).
  • To maintain the voice of the author.

I use Word to track changes and leave comments. In the end, the author receives a marked-up copy with questions and corrections that will lead to a finished product she (and I) can be proud of. (Yes, I occasionally allow sentences to end with prepositions).

Currently, I offer line editing and copyediting together, because I find it hard to separate the two.

I plan to offer proofreading in the near future. I only edit devotionals and Christian living books right now. If you have something similar, you can ask. I will be branching out into other genres very soon.

Please contact me for my rates. I currently charge around $0.02 per word. (Expect some variations, depending on the manuscript and delivery time.) Click here for an explanation of the different levels of editing.

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