“Stephenie Hovland is a real pro presenter, even to the point of anticipating her audience’s mood and interests before and during her webinars. Her presentations sound as if she actually stands before you. She knows her topic well enough to effectively deal with last-minute technical changes and challenges. She sounds “real” even in the remote world of webinars. All that—and she is easy to work with!”

Edward Grube, LL.D. Director of Publications & Communications Lutheran Education Association


The Coffee Hour – Instilling Life Values in Children – KFUO Radio
Family Devotions for the Home – Family Shield Ministries

Professional Speaking Topics

For church groups:

  • Individual Faith Time. Are you finding it difficult to spend time with God? Maybe you just need a change. We explore ideas such as meditation, prayer journals, Bible journaling, and devotions to see if we can find a unique, personal way to spend more time with God in a way that is meaningful for each one of us.
  • Family Faith Time. We explore the idea of family devotions and how it can work for any family. How can we adapt to our needs as our family grows and matures but the schedules get more difficult? Let’s build a customized plan for your individual family. (Done with large or small groups, we work through a handout that adapts to each family’s needs.)
  • Weakness in Strength. Let’s talk about what weakness and the Christian, weakness and sin. What is strength? How do we find it? How do we help others as the Body of Christ?
  • Rested. Renewed. Restored. Our Shepherd makes us rest in green pastures and leads us beside still water. We can be rested, renewed, and restored in a chaotic, stressful world when we intentionally seek the Shepherd and allow ourselves to be blessed by Him.

For schools:

  • NaNoWriMo: A Novel Approach to Teaching Writing. How can you take this fun, whirlwind of an idea and use it in your school? I’ve worked with students from 3rd grade through 12th grade, and they loved the unique, quirky approach to writing. It’s a blast!
  • Growth Mindset: What does it mean for Christian schools? How do we encourage a growth mindset and still keep our biblical views of God-given talents? What about finding our strength in Christ rather than ourselves? How does it all work together?
  • Writing Devotions in School. You can successfully guide your class or even your entire school through a devotion-writing exercise that will end up with a booklet of devotions to send home with families, give to prospective students, and share with your congregation. It includes a great development of writing and editing skills along with putting faith ideas on paper in a meaningful and inspiring way.

For writers:

  • Writing Devotions. How can you express your faith, inspire others, and possibly get paid? We’ll explore some basics of how to write devotions as well as talk about the markets and how some of them are unique and different than others.

“Stephenie was recommended to our group by a member who had heard her speak at another event.  We asked her if she could adapt her presentation to fit our theme on joy, and she more than met our expectations.  She offered relatable stories and helpful suggestions and tied everything in seamlessly with the rest of our program.  Our group very much enjoyed the opportunity to engage with Stephenie!”

Moderator, John Knox Presbyterian Women