3 Ways to Communicate with God

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

How can we reach out to God?

This post is for you, for your children or students, and for your family. We often want to talk to God but sometimes feel stuck in how we are doing it. I hope to give you a few more ways to reach out to God and communicate with Him.

Pray Aloud or in your Thoughts

I could write a book on this, but let me just summarize here. We can pray aloud with others (corporate prayer,) read prayers aloud, recite them from memory, talk in a conversational way, or do most of that in our heads. God will hear all types of prayers from those who have faith. He doesn’t command us to use just one way, but He does command us to pray. You might feel uncomfortable praying an impromptu prayer in front of others. That’s okay. Pray through your thoughts then. Or talk to God when you’re alone in the car. He’s always with you and knows your very thoughts. He wants to stay close to you through communication, through prayer.

Journal it or Keep Track of Prayers

Some people find that when they journal, their thoughts and cares spill out on the paper in a way that’s totally different than when they talk. I’m not sure what is going on when you journal; I just know that many people find it therapeutic. Why not have some prayer therapy?

Others don’t like to see all their innermost thoughts on paper, but they don’t mind making a list of prayers. They can remember who and what to pray for and know how God answered that prayer later. We can’t always know, because God doesn’t always show His answers to us, but it is rewarding to notice the answered prayers when He reveals them.

Sing Hymns or Spiritual Songs

The Old Testament and New Testament churches obviously sang as part of their worship services. We can even read plenty of times when poems or songs were written more personally, crying out to God in praise or despair.

Grab a hymnal or play some spiritual music to help you communicate to God in such a special way. Music is indeed a gift from God. We should not relegate it to a mere form of entertainment. It is another spiritual connection we can have with God.

How ever you choose to connect with God, please don’t wait. Do it now.