Cooking the Books

little girl cooking
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Teachers, have you ever thought about including cookbooks in your classroom or school library? I have at least four kids’ cookbooks in our family library even though my kids are now teens. I was a school librarian for the past few years, and the cookbooks were very popular! If you don’t have cookbooks in your classroom or school library, please add some.

Fun, Detailed, Safe

Youth cookbooks are so fun! They are colorful, full of photos, and make cooking seem like anyone could do it successfully and have a party while they’re at it. They often include very detailed step-by-step instructions, and yet, miraculously, don’t seem wordy. Safety is a big feature, so the young cooks safely learn how to cut their veggies and use a stove.

Food in Their Future

Part of our job as teachers is to open the world to students. We want them to dream about their future selves. Why not let them check out cookbooks and try out their culinary skills?

Families and Vocations

Cookbooks also encourage stronger, healthier families. The students can rarely do everything from purchasing ingredients to reading all the instructions, finding the right tools, to using the oven. So, you’ll have parents and siblings helping them in the kitchen, discussing food budgets, and planning meals.

Sounds like a great inspiration for their future God-given vocations of spouse, parent, or even chef!